How does extension work?

With our product there is no need to wait for irritating ads
to stop. Due to detailed research we have figured out
what exactly is needed to be blocked, so don’t worry -
you will not miss anything important.

  • no-ads

    Go ads free completely

  • safe-data

    Keep your
    data safe

  • browsing

    More enjoyable browsing

  • security

    Browsing security


Ultimate Ad Eraser, like all ad blockers, relies on filter rules to
know what to block, hide, and allow to appear on the web
pages you visit. Ultimate Ad Eraser compares every HTTP
request to the filter lists you're subscribed to and any custom
filters you have added. If the URL of the request matches one
of the filters, the request is blocked and the resource is not downloaded.

We are not aiming to block all internet ads, as we realize that
many sites survive due to it. We only try to help you to get rid
of annoying information, which appears above content you
need, not allowing you to get access to that information.

Ultimate Ad Eraser reviews

  • kristen
    • star
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    • star
    • star

    Kristen Mccarty

    Ultimate Ad Eraser helps us browse
    without any ads,pop-up or banners
    and provide malware protection.
    Ultimate Ad Eraser does help in
    eliminating ads from the website and
    most of the times it saves lot of time
    from those annoying pop up windows.

  • boyd
    • star
    • star
    • star
    • star
    • star

    Boyd Vincent

    The best adblock ever created!
    Makes your web surfing faster and
    safer. My favorite feature is that
    Ultimate Ad Eraser can block not just
    intrusive ads on website but it can
    block even video ads which are really

  • jia
    • star
    • star
    • star
    • star
    • star

    Jia Villarreal

    I use it to avoid ads, videos and the
    other annoying pop ups. My overall
    experince is so positive. I have just
    started to use Ultimate Ad Eraser
    and it is working incredible, since i
    use it i have never seen any ad
    when i am using internet browser.

  • jayce
    • star
    • star
    • star
    • star
    • star

    Jayce Woodcock

    It makes it so much easier to go on the internet without as many horrible unskippable ads! Thank you so much for this it's so easy and useful. Just install the thing once and forget about what those annoying banners on every site look like. Completely free, easy to operate - I like it much!

  • eric
    • star
    • star
    • star
    • star
    • star

    Eric Nolan

    Ultimate Ad Eraser really works and does what it says on the box. As well as filtering out annoying adds it also consequently yet inadvertently saves on your date allowance by blocking largish images contained within the adds it blocks. Win, win in my book.
    I see very few ads.

  • margaret
    • star
    • star
    • star
    • star
    • star

    Margaret Irwin

    Ultimate Ad Eraser does help in eliminating ads from the website and most of the times it saves lot of time from those annoying pop up
    windows. It is easy for the layperson to use. Would definitely recommend!
    5 star review from me!

how it works

Browse the internet without annoying ads

We believe that everyone has a right to surf the web
without being bombarded with pop-ups or video ads or
being tracked by advertisers everywhere they go.